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We have put together some informations for you to plan the travel and conference. If you still have unanswered questions please do not hesitate to contact us at euchem2016@tuwien.ac.at.

How to reach the Conference Venue from the airport

If you arrive by plane and would like to directly proceed to the conference center/hotel, you will have the following options:

  • For the most convenient connection to the conference venue, take the train (“Schnellbahn”) line S7 directly from the airport to the station “Wien Rennweg”, the ride takes 22 minutes. Hotel Savoyen can then be reached in only 3 minutes walking time (see map).  You can buy this ticket at the ticket machines and it costs EUR 2,40. This ticket is only valid on the train, so if you need to take a bus or tramway in Vienna (because you reside in a different hotel) you need a ticket for 2 zones (about EUR 4,40).
  • by Taxi: you may want to take a taxi as well, the price should be around EUR 36,00

How to reach the Conference Venue by public transport

The converence venue is easily reachable by public transport. The nearest stations are the train station "Wien Rennweg" and the tramway station "Wien Unteres Belvedere" (line 71). You will need a ticket for zone 100, about EUR 2,20.

If you reside at Hotel Doppio

If you have choossen Hotel Doppio (Rennweg 99) for your accommodation, then it's also very easy to rech the conference venue:

Take tramway line 71 in direction "Wien Börse" from station "St. Marx". Get off at the third station "Rennweg" and follow the line by foot for about 200 meter. The conference venue will be on the left handside (Rennweg 16).

Don't forget to by a single trip ticket for zone 100, the trip takes 13min (including the walk).

Opening time of the Registration desk

The registration office will open by 1pm and will be closed at 6pm in the evening and is located directly after the entrance into the hotel. We kindly ask you not to register in the last minutes before the Opening Ceremony at 4pm. If you register before you can spend some time at Schloss Belvedere.

If you arrive on Monday you can register starting at 8am.

The ladies from the registration will hand you over the registration documents and badge.

If you need any kind of certificate (attendance, presentation, etc) please contact Mr. Krebs at the info desk, but we kindly ask you to wait until Monday evening.

Please wear your badge

You must wear your badge all the time, since this is the entrance key to all scientific sessions and social events! If it happens that you have forgotten your badge please contact the registration desk or slide center to get a replacement.

Oldtimer streetcar to the welcome mixer

On Sunday evening, we have organized an oldtimer streetcar which will take you to the town-hall. After the last talk of Roland Kalb (IND-1) you will take a colored voucher upon your exit of the lecture hall with information about the time for the meeting in the lobby (18:00, 18:05, 18:10 and 18:15). Please follow the helper (identified with your color) guiding you to the tramway station.

Please be exactly on time, since the streetcar will not wait! If you missed our oldtimer streetcars please take the line 71 to the "Rathaus" (you need a ticket for zone 100).

Poster presentations

Following the guidelines posters may be up to Format A0 (84x118cm, portrait format). They can be mounted with adhesive tapes on the numbered poster boards, beginning on Sunday after your registration at about 2pm. We will provide some mounting material.

Public transport

Vienna has a very good and efficient public transport system. You only need to buy one ticket to use tramway, underground, busses and even trains within the main zone "100", which covers the whole area of vienna (the airport is already outside Vienna, so you have to buy an extended ticket for 2 zones). All tickets can be bought at the red ticket machines (by cash or by maestro card), at ticket offices at bigger stations or event at some tabacco stores.

The following tickets are available:

  • Single trip (Einzelfahrschein): If you want to go from A to B just buy a single ticket for EUR 2,20. You need to stamp your ticket either at the entrance to the underground station or directly in the tramway or bus. Watch out for a blue validating machine.
    You can also buy multiple stripes of 4 or 8 single trips
  • Short term passes: You also can buy a ticket for 24 hours (EUR 7,60), 48 hours (EUR 13,30) or 72 hours (EUR 16,50). These tickets allow you to use the public transport for the given time beginning with the time of stamping (so if you stamp the 48 hours-ticket on sunday 15:30 you are allowed to use the transporting system until tuesday 15:30)
  • Multiple stripes for single days (8-Tage-Klimakarte): These tickets are valid for the day you validate them until the next day 1am. You may want to use this ticket if you travel with a group. The stripe contains 8 Tickets and costs EUR 38,40.
  • Weekly ticket: This ticket for EUR 16,20 allows you to use the transporting system for one week beginning on Monday. So if you arrive on Sunday you will need separate tickets for your arrival day as well ...

The weather forecast (Updated on July 5)

The weather forecast for the days of the conference is quite nice. The temperature is warm and we expect mostly sunny days. However some short periods of rain are expected, so to have a thin raincoat and umbrella with you would be a good idea.

The weather forecast for the conference days is as follows:

Sunday, 3: partly cloudy and windy, in the morgning some rain might occur, temperature 16 °C at night and 22 °C at day
Monday, 4: sunny (with some clouds at noon) with 15 °C at night and 25 °C at day
Tuesday, 5: sunny (some clouds in the afternoon) with 15 °C at night and 28 °C at day
Wednesday, 6: partly cloudy with possible rain showers at noon, in the afternoon it gets sunny, 19 °C at night and 24 °C at day.
Thursday, 7: sunny with 16 °C at night and 25 °C at day, some cloud may occur. For the conference dinner we will have dry weather.
Friday, 8: sunny, some clouds possible, 13 °C at night and 26 °C at day.