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The objective of COST action CM1206 – “Exil: Exchange on ionic Liquids” ( http://www.usc.es/exil/about ) is to coordinate European research activities and knowledge exchange on ionic liquids and to explore their full potential in the context of fundamental and applied chemistry, materials science and engineering.

The EUCHEM 2016 conference program on Friday, 8th July will be endorsed and co-organized by the COST action EXIL. Working group session will cover the whole range of ionic liquid research from fundamentals to application, including:

  • Working group 1: Synthesis & Development of Ionic Liquids

    • Leaders: Cinzia Chiappe, Tom Welton and Marcin Smiglak

  • Working group 2: Chemical & Physical Properties

    • Leaders: Margarida Costa-Gomes and Christian Schröder

  • Working group 3: Application of Ionic Liquids

    • Leaders: Katharina Bica and Anders Riisager

  • Working Group 4: Long-term Prospects & Scale-up Challenges

    • Leaders: Cristina Silva Pereira, Piotr Stepnowski and Andy Abbott

The sessions will address recent developments and results in this European exchange network on ionic liquids and are of course open to everyone. We are looking forward to your attendance!