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The conference will be composed of a mixture of Plenary (PL) and Invited Talks (IL), Oral Presentations (OP), Poster Presentations (PP) and Poster Flash talks (PT). Prior to the poster session, PhD students and young investigators have the possibility to present their poster in flash presentations of 5 min each. Please indicate your preferred presentation type upon submission of the abstract (select OP, PP or PT as contribution type).

Presentations will cover a broad range of themes including:

  1. Sustainable synthesis and catalysis in and of (supported) ionic liquids and molten salts
  2. Novel separation strategies based on ionic melts
  3. Electrodes and electrolytes
  4. Fundamentals, preparation and applications of (nano-)materials in low melting salts
  5. Modelling of properties and processes in molten salts and ionic liquids
  6. Assessment of physicochemical and biological properties of ionic liquids, molten salts and their mixtures
  7. Emerging technologies, scale-up and commercial exploitation of novel processes with low melting salts